Why Choose Addendum?

01. Quality

We provide the highest density wefts on the market, designed by a professional for professionals.

The Redefined Weft Collection

This is the new standard for luxury hair extensions. These revolutionary wefts use advance machining prior to being finished by hand. This process results in a flush attachment that has no return hair, or what is commonly referred to as the “mustache." This cuts the cuticle density in half at the attachment, making our hair significantly less bulky, no matter what application method you use. 

Our Redefined Wefts are manufactured with 50% to 100% more density than any other hand-tied wefts on the market. This results in using a third to half the number of wefts you would normally use to create the same length and volume for clients. Coupled with having the thinnest and lightest attachment on the market, the result is the lightest and most seamless hand-tied wefts in the world while maintaining volume or density.

The Classic Hand-Tied Weft Collection

As the name suggests, the creation of our Classic Wefts is done by hand. This meticulous process takes a skilled person one hour to produce a single hand-tied weft. Our hand-tied wefts are made in a way that produces the thinnest and lightest attachment, providing clients with the least amount of bulk and weight against their scalp whiling wearing hand-tied extensions.

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02. Our Process

Behind the scenes, each step of our process is handled ethically, with thoughtful care and attention to detail.

Sourcing and Sorting

We only use ethically sourced hair from Western regions of China. Women are fairly compensated for their hair and then it is brought to the factory for a meticulous sorting process. 

Bundles of hair is tested to ensure it is virgin and has the full cuticle intact and aligned to prevent tangling and seamlessly flow with natural hair. The hair is meticulously sorted by whether it has a blue or red undertone to determine if it can be dyed blonde. We only use hair that can be bleached to blonde (even for dark hair), so that it remains cool over time. hair with cool blue base not red

Slow Pigment Lifting to Ensure Cuticle Integrity 

Our hair undergoes an extremely gentle but slow depigmentation process. This is the safest and most consistent way to prep virgin hair for maximum color retention and structural integrity.

Color Science

During the re-pigmentation process, we use textile dye that holds up to continued use. The hair is constantly agitated for thorough & even color saturation.

The Importance of Double Drawn

Short hairs are removed from every bundle to ensure that the hair is true to length. 70% of the hair in each weft will measure true to length. "Single drawn" wefts significantly tapers at the end were as double drawn hair will give the volume and length clients are looking for which is the whole point of having hair extensions in the first place! This will prevent excessively adding numerous additional wefts to achieve the same look that double drawn hair can achieve with less wefts. This is why that the cost savings with single drawn simply is negated by adding more wefts, wasting more money and creating more bulk at the attachment.

03. Consistency & Reliability

Our facility is ISO 9001 certified, the international standard for quality management systems.

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Hair Specifications:

All wefts are 12 inches wide

Classic wefts weigh approximately 20 grams 

Redefined wefts weigh approximately 25-30 grams
(25-50% more hair)

Classic wefts have cut-points to customize width by 1-4 inches

Redefined wefts can be cut anywhere making them the most customizable weft in the industry

 Our collection includes over 25 color options encompassing  popular solids, blends and balayage colors